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Available Adults

Rella is 4 years old, microchipped, spayed and AKC registered. She's absolutely great with kids and doesn't jump, isn't food aggressive (at least with my pack) and gets along with all the other animals we have. If she's in a pen she will bark at cats and chickens. She's killed a chicken that got in her kennel, but if she's running loose she could care less about them. She has a crazy big desire to use her nose so a fenced yard is a MUST. She can also climb fences so extra measures must be taken if she's outside unattended. She respects a training collar so an electric wireless fence system would also be sufficient. She has always been outdoors but as smart as she is she could easily be potty trained. Her ideal home is one who can put her to work. I think she would excel in the deer tracking world or even with an independent SAR handler. 

There is no rehoming fee, but a contract will be signed that states she must come back to me if her new home doesn't work out. * "houndsmen" who are only interested in doing some basic training with the intention of reselling her need not inquire. *

Serious inquiries can email or message me on Facebook. 

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