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General Info:


At Bryant Bloodhounds we plan occasional litters and only breed every other cycle for the health and wellbeing of our females. We strive to offer the best mix of a family house pet that also possesses tracking potential. Be advised, once you proceed to make one of ours part of your family, you will be part of our pack forever! I will be here for you from now on to offer day and night support within my knowledge capacity. This includes anything from basic behavior to minor health questions to tracking guidance. I may also randomly ask for "pupdates" (puppy updates); sorry not sorry! 

Our females receive fantastic nutrition both during pregnancy and after birth which includes dry dog food, eggs, yogurt and various raw meats. Our puppies are well socialized from birth. They will be exposed to children, cats, dogs, goats and chickens. At 3 weeks old they will begin eating mush which includes milk that I hand milk from our very own dairy goats! Puppies will be dewormed at 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old. They will receive age appropriate vaccines and be health screened at 7 weeks by our vet. The 2nd and 3rd follow up booster vaccinations will be your responsibility, their new family. These are typically given at 12 and 16 weeks of age. I guarantee our babies will be healthy butterballs when they leave our care! 

How to reserve a puppy:

To reserve a puppy you must first honestly complete the puppy application. This will give us a small glimpse into your life and help us, help you determine if a bloodhound puppy will be a good fit with your family. I strongly encourage you to read "The Complete Guide to Bloodhounds" during your breed research. It is full of honest, genuine information; and remember to look for our boy Ernest on page 2! After we receive your application and you are positive a bloodhound puppy will fit perfectly into your family you will be placed on the waiting list. Once a litter is born and reaches 1 week of age you will be able to make a deposit and officially reserve a puppy. The non-refundable deposit amount is $100 and can be made via PayPal or check. The remaining balance will be due the day you pick up your new furever family member. Total price will vary based on registration rights. Once your deposit is received you will secure your spot in the selection order, which is the order of deposits received. We will open the puppy selections once they reach 5 weeks of age. This will allow us to observe them for a short time and help us get a small glimpse into which puppies may posses more of a tracking instinct than others. You are welcome to come to our house and observe the puppies for yourself before you make a selection or you can choose based off of our observation, pictures/videos or Facetime. Your puppy is ready to join your family once they reach 8 weeks of age. At this point you will need to make plans to physically pickup your puppy at our farm in Soper, Oklahoma. *You may also use a pet transport service, but please be advised they will have separate fees* You will receive a puppy pack that includes a small sack of puppy chow, complete vet records, a personalized bandana and a few treats.


Pricing can vary from litter to litter. Limited AKC registration will range from $850-$1,000. Full AKC registration will be considered on a case by case basis and will range from $1,000-$1,200. Returning families or families purchasing multiple puppies from the same litter will be eligible for a discount.  

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