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First, let's introduce the founding father of Bryant Bloodhounds, Mr. Ernest Michael Bryant. He is the fine black and tan specimen you will see plastered on all of our social pages. He was our first bloodhound and the reason I fell in love with the breed; which is a love/hate relationship at times! If you have a bloodhound you know what I mean by that. We welcomed him into our family in 2014, and he definitely had the first child entitled attitude. He was special and he knew it! Sadly, we lost Ernest in December 2022 at 8 years old. His absence is felt everyday and learning to live without him has been a battle. 

Ernest had one litter of puppies in 2016 and that's when Rusty joined the family. Rusty sired a few litters but his bread and butter is deer tracking. He's made some hunters very happy throughout the years. Check out "Tracking Things" for more of Rusty's adventures! 

We currently have 2 breeding females; Arlo & Hildi. Arlo is my lovey girl. She loves to get and give affection. She's also my backup tracker and passed her UBTI at just 6 months old! Hildi is an easy going girl and will be friends with everyone. She is the picture perfect mama and has raised some STUNNERS!  

Our only breeding male at the moment is Marshall. He's everything I wanted in a sire and I could literally look at him all day. He is seriously one handsome bloodhound. 


Here's a picture of that one time I thought it was a good idea to take three crazy bloodhounds on our beach vacation. I have no regrets. 






JonBoat2 (1).jpg









Ernest is nationally certified through the United Blood Trackers in the category UBTI.

Rusty is nationally certified through the United Blood Trackers in the categories UBTI, UBTII and UBTIII.

Arlo is nationally certified through the United Blood Trackers in the category UBTI. 


I wish I could set and tell you all the dog shows we've competed in and all the titles we've won, but that's not really our thing here. We are just a family that loves bloodhounds and has a good time training and using them for real life scenarios

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