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What exactly are you guys tracking?

We offer tracking services primarily for deer hunters in SE Oklahoma who have lost the blood trail, or sometimes never even find the blood trail but know they hit the deer. 

Our entire bloodhound operation came into existence when I first started my bowhunting journey. It's kind of funny now, looking back, that my bloodhound obsession all started because I lost/wounded a couple deer while bowhunting. I had decided it was time for me to quit hunting when my husband surprised me with Ernest, our first bloodhound. Little did he know what the future would hold, all because of one little surprise puppy. 

Our tracking progression:

We entered the deer tracking world in 2015, right after Ernest turned 1 year old. We had trained all summer in preparation for the upcoming Oklahoma deer season. We only used him for our own recoveries that year and he performed very well, so that's when I decided that we would open our tracking services to the public. This decision led us to the United Blood Trackers (UBT) and eventually the Oklahoma Blood Trackers Association (OBTA) after its formation in 2018. 

We tested Ernest and Rusty in the UBTI category in 2017 and then tested Rusty again in 2019 in the UBTII category. Ernest eventually retired and Rusty took on the role of being my #1 tracker. In 2021 I tested again with Arlo and she passed her UBTI with flying colors at 6 months old. In 2023 Rusty was invited to take the UBTIII and after a grueling track became just the 2nd dog in the state of Oklahoma to pass! 


You can visit the UBT website if you are further interested in what the UBT organization is and the testing requirements. Also, visit our Facebook here to see all the tracking action as it unfolds! 

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